Activities and task forces

Management – Task force I 

This activity is devoted to plan and coordinate all activities regarding Argo3D (A. Tibaldi and U. Becciani).

GeoPlaces selection – Task force II

One of the key activity of project is to select, and recognize in the field, some interesting geological places in terrestrial environment together with archelogical sites that suffered earhtquake-induced damages (F.L. Bonali, E. Russo and M.A. Paolini). Also submarine enviroments are considered (C. Corselli and A. Savini).

UAV and ROV data collection and elaboration – Task force III

In order to reproduce at very high detail the ambient, we use the Structure from motion (SfM) technique, that includes data collection using UAV and ROV (F. Marchese and L. Fallati).

3D and virtual environment reconstruction – Task force IV 

3D reconstructed model are processed in order to be navigable using VR devices (F. Vitello and I.G. Gerloni).