Project description

The ARGO3D project was born thanks to the agreement between the University of Milan-Bicocca and the Cometa Consortium: the project staff is made up of 14 members, from teachers to researchers to PhD and Master students, whose knowledges and skills range from earth sciences to informatics.

The project consists into the development of an innovative way for teaching, learning and disseminating Earth Sciences through techniques adapted from visual rendering and graphic computing

The main focus of ARGO3D is the creation of an open-source platform where students, teachers and researchers will be able to visualize and actively interact with geological environments reconstructed in Virtual Reality.

This method will be applied to onshore and offshore environments interested by geohazards and associated risks through the acquisition of data by drones (for terrestrial environments) and ROVs (for marine environments). Students and teachers will navigate in real time within these 3D environments allowing a more in-depth exploration of geological spots that could not be reached otherwise due to hard logistic conditions.