Key geological sites selected for Argo3D

We selected geological keysites of great importance for both the scientific and non-scientific community: in these sites, we reconstructed in three-dimensions faults, extension fractures, eruptive fissures, volcanic cones, volcanic layers and magmatic intrusions. These areas have been surveyed by means of field photogrammetry, drone surveys and 360° spherical videos.

Theistareykir Fissure Swarm, northeast Iceland
-Graben on 2.4 ky lava flows;
-Holocenic eruptive centre named Storihver;
-Faults and fissures located on 8-10 ky lava flows;
-Central portion of the Husavik transform fault that offsets post-glacial landslides.

Krafla Fissure Swarm, northeast Iceland
-Eruptive centres of the 1975-1984 eruption and associated lava flows;
-Faults, extension fractures and eruptive fissures on 7-10 ky lava flows, close to the 1975-1984 eruptive centres;
-Faults and fissures on lava flows of 7-10 ky, next to pre-glacial units;
-Hituholar volcano, characterized by pre-glacial units located next to lava flows of Holocene-historical age.

Santorini volcano: dyke swarm and Metaxa mine
-Metaxa mine, a very well-known geological keysite due to the presence of all volcanic layers associated with the Minoan eruption;
-Dyke swarm along the northern part of the Santorini caldera, a keysite for scientific dissemination of volcanic hazard.

Mud volcanoes Geopark, Salse di Nirano, Italy

Etna volcano, Italy
-Fissures in the northeastern part of the volcano, and monogenic cones at the origin of the Pernicana fault, located west of Piano Provenzana, in collaboration with the INGV;
-Fault of the 2018 Fleri earthquake, where it intersects buildings (today abandoned);
-Epicentral area of the above-cited earthquake.

Marine areas
-Volcanic layers associated with the Minoan eruption located at the Caldera Beach and Vlychada beach;
-High-resolution survey with the multibeam echo-sounder and 3D reconstruction of the bathymetry at Santa Maria di Leuca, south Italy, from a depth of 200 meters to 1300 meters.