Geological explorations without barriers

On 16 January 2019 it is scheduled a special event in the University of Milan-Bicocca (room U2-08B); It regards the possibility to explore the 3D geological environment by using the immersive virtual reality. We have planned one day of activity with two, three-hour classes, one in the morning (9-12) and one in the afternoon (14.30-17.30), the targeted area are: Mt Etna and Mt Vesuvius, Santorini supervolcano, Alps, Northern Iceland, coral reefs from Maldives Atolls and Santa Maria di Leuca cold water coral Province.  This event was originally designed for students affected by motor disabilities but it is also open to teachers, researchers and students who might be willing to participate in this lab. The language used during the event will be Italian, but we can easily switch to English when needed (one person will be devoted to assist English speakers).

This event is promoted by the European Geosciences Union through the project entitled “Shaping geological 3D virtual field-surveys for overcoming motor disabilities”; it is also done under the umbrella of the Italian Geological Society, the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (UNIMIB) and the Disabled and DSA service (UNIMIB), and the Argo3D and 3DTeLC Erasmus+ Projects.



Staff members: Bonali F.L., Vitello F., Russo E., Becciani U., Marchese F., Savini A., Fallati L., Colombo R., Di Mauro B., Mangiatordi A., Garbo R., Vizzari G.;

Volunteers: Carminati G., Marques C., Corti N., Rigoni V., Bressan S., Villa G., Losa A.;