Virtual and augmented reality for GeoSciences

Our Virtual Reality approach consists in the creation of a platform that allow us to interact with the 3D reconstructed environment through a series of different tools. Each user will be able to choose how to navigate into the ARGO3D platform among three different ways: the flight mode, in which you fly over the entire area being always parallel to the field floor, the walk mode, in which you can explore the field area by moving freely on the ground and the drone mode, in which it will be possible to fly over the study area and control the flight path and perspective. The interactive tools of the ARGO3D platform are GPS, mapping and field tools. Mapping tools allow to create features on the 3D reconstructed geological ambient, such as points, lines and polygons; field tools allow to measure bedding of strata and/or interesting geological features, distances and inclination, and also to take notes on a field booknote and to take pictures. Moreover, GPS tools will allow to display coordinates and elevation, create waypoints and tracks for geological studies. When stepping into the most meaningful geological features of each area, an interactive window will show up, with related pictures, videos and explanations.