7 February 2018 – Open Day, University of Milan-Bicocca

The Open Day of the Science school, which took place in the 3D Lab of the Department of Earth Sciences of Milan Bicocca, was a great occasion to show to high-school students the development of our 3D approach. The students had the exciting possibility to try our Oculus Rift and navigate in the immersive reality of geologically significant places on Earth, such as the Teide volcano (Canarie islands), Mount Etna (Italy) and the Grand Canyon (USA). We also showed them the best videos that have been shot by our drone, looking at the fissure swarms in the Northern Volcanic Zone (Iceland) and at the mud volcanoes of Salse di Nirano (Italy). We exposed our ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) and some related videos. We believe occasions like this are crucial to share our activities and to get people involved in our research.